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At my friend's farm we use a wheelhoe - something I never heard of before I saw it there. It does a really good job between the rows but there's still hand weeding to do.

I learned about the importance of having good seed, sowing in a tight band (things like lettuce or cilantro etc). Wheel hoe takes all but the closest weeds to the band. And then to hand weed you just push back the crop with one hand and take out the close weeds with the other.

I actually love hand weeding. It's surprisingly good exercise for muscles in your legs. And many a great gossip session has been had between the weeds. Best case for weeding... bring a friend.
I also like to think of weeds as a green manure resource, as my dad taught me. If a place is too weedy, sow potatoes. Use the weeds to trench them. Next year it won't be so bad.

I wouldn't have much compost if it wasn't for weeds. In perennial garden an hour of weeding in may is worth ten hours in july. I'll also give a shoutout to mother nature (aka the birds) for bringing me interesting plants that I find when I'm weeding. Got some cool stuff that way, among the weeds.
Selective weeding is a fun way to garden. I have a ton of strawberries because of that.
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