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Default Maglia Rosa is excellent for containers and small spaces

Maglia Rosa was the first variety we (Artisan Seeds) released nationally, and it has attracted a strong following.

Here it was "best of all" in a taste test.

Penn State's Ag Extension has it on their short-list for cherry/grape tomatoes, based on their taste tests.

And interestingly, it is a favorite in the lab at the University of Florida that is examining molecules associated with flavor.

Maglia Rosa is an extremely productive bush, under most circumstances, and a few years ago it was our farmers' market star.

Since then, we have been moving away from growing bush varieties. This is mainly because they are disease and insect pest magnets in our fields due to their dense foliage. Hence we have stopped growing Maglia Rosa, and now grow its sister variety, Pink Tiger, which is a vine.

However, Maglia Rosa is an excellent variety to grow in a container and in other small garden spaces. It produces abundantly, and early. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that peak flavor precedes peak color in this variety.

It is available directly from us, and also from a few other vendors.
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