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Thank you for your input and taking time to post to my thread, I am very grateful for this.

Based on the Planting chart I posted on the initial post on this thread, I am guessing I can grow these things now?

Napa Cabbage
Swiss Chard

I had a question about the peppers. You said they could be planted through March until the end of March; is this just hot peppers? Or would this be both hot peppers and sweet peppers?

Also one other thing. I am planning on growing the stuff in 4' x 8' raised beds. How many bush bean plants could I grow in a 4' x 8' raised bed using 6" spacing without overcrowding them? I've tried looking on the internet for this information, and can't find anything.

I am a little confused about row spacing in a raised bed. I know in the ground you use row spacing partially so you have room to walk around the plot and tend to your plants. However I also know you use row spacing so there will be good air circulation around the plants.

That being said, should I just reduce row spacing between plants in a raised bed and not eliminate it? Since I wouldn't have to worry about space for walking around tending to plants I'd reduce the row spacing by half; would this be okay, or would it be too close together for the plants?

Thank you for your time and help.
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