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Good Morning all...

Thanks for the warm welcome!

@Marsha...thanks for your kind offer, and thanks for hosting the get-together. I'll be looking forward to it! The picture I saw from a past gathering of the chock-full tray of tomato seedlings was a thing of beauty!

@nancy...thanks for the offer of seeds, but it sounds like way too much of an inconvenience for you. Your offer is much appreciated though.

@Jon...Yeah, that was pretty dumb! I wonder about myself sometimes I had some cotton seeds in there that actually sprouted to little puffs of cotton!

@Barb...Thank you, that would be great! That's a great question about available time - I was certainly planning on being well ahead of the game by this time. I should be here till about mid-May, but plan additional, shorter trips down over the summer. This planting is not with the harvest in mind, this is just an excuse to play in the dirt!!!

Barb's question got me thinking though...I recently built a Cloner to play around with cloning tomato and pepper plants. I've read a lot good things on getting a jump-start on plantings using cloned plants.

Would anyone in the surrounding Tampa area happen to some tomato plants I could get some cuttings from? I'd be happy to run by and pick them up. Might be a fun experiment.

Once again, thank you all for your welcome and generosity. While I could have just run to HomeDepot and picked up a couple packs of seeds, my hope was, this way, I'd get to know y'all a bit better...thanks again!

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