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The seedling house is filling up. I have really moved towards the point where as soon as a tray has any significant germination, out it goes.

This Fall I hope to start constructing a germination chamber. Make the move less troublesome. The chamber will stay in the seedling house. Not in my house. Thats the plan anyways.

Out they go. Also makes watering much, much easier. I have a Dramm 1000PL water breaker. Love it.

The other side.

The last batch of mass sewn tomato and pepper plants. All others have been sewn in the plug trays.

The Sunny Smile Sunflowers coming along. Some spotty germ., hoping the rest pop up. Another week or two, and I will probably sew some more. I did 72 pots originally.

The grasses in the background are Blue Lirirope. We have a raised flower bed, these were taken by root division. Also, using recycled soil. So there is very little money in these.

Plug trays all lined up.

Basil popping up.

Alyssum "Royal Carpet".

Hard to see, but this is Portulaca. Dont recall the variety off the top of my head. Also have oregano just starting to surface.

Going to be very busy quiet soon..
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