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Originally Posted by PureHarvest View Post
You should check out this product.
Came highly recommended by two people from different industries.
Works using simple barrier and odor.
I'm setting some up today to keep the deer off my sunflowers and Dahlias.
They have ate most of the tops and buds off of my Echinaceas, which are usually listed in the deer-proof/resistant lists. My deer can't read apparently.
Gonna put some around them too.

I checked out the link, very interesting. I do like how they included the research and grant study. Since your giving it a whirl, please do let us know how it works. Feel free to chime back in with your results.

Originally Posted by Nan_PA_6b View Post
My mother's deer love her echinacea. I'd be leery of any deer repellent, because so many don't work as well as advertised.

An 8' wire fence is effective. Dig it a few inches into the soil so ground hogs and rabbits don't dig under it.


I had a suddenly crazy idea earlier when I was working out there. What about a natural fence? I keep mowing down these god-for-saked wild blackberries. They grow at an alarming rate. I had a vision of just letting them grow wild, around the perimeter. They have seriously nasty thorns on them, and grow very dense.

I then decided that I had been out in the heat too long, and needed a break. Im going to go with fencing of some kind.

More Mulching today. Finally got the rest of the load out of the truck. Moving kind slow on this project. As we get older, we really need to learn to listen to our bodies, and know when to say ""enough".

Looking at the distance between the rows, you may be wondering why I left such a gap. The reason is based on experience. This gives me enough room to drive my mower and trailer between. I can drive in and dump more mulch, or drive in to harvest.

Got 17 Sugar Pumpkins planted. Didnt have enough mulch so I made do. Will probably be Monday before going back for more wood mulch.

I also got the KY Wonder Beans planted. Did those in a 24 foot raised bed up between the greenhouses. I did both sides of the bed, so 48 foot total.
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