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Just a few comments here but when my book first came out there were two individuals who wanted to offer all the ones in my book and those two were the late Chuck Wyatt and Glenn Drowns at Sandhill Preservation.

Glenn does offer most of them, I think.

I still have seeds for all of them featured in the book, and that includes the ones noted on the page that precedes the pictures, but even though many of those seeds are quite old now, I still keep them. Actually I have kept all the saved seeds from almost everything I ever grew going back to about 1990. Those who were around when most of us posted at GW and AOL before Tville opened in January of 2006 know that b'c each year I used to make a seed offer at GW with hundreds of varieties to chose from each year.

And of course seeds for almost everything I ever grew were available as listed in the SSE YEarbooks and most still are, although now I list far fewer varieties as opposed to the hundreds that I used to list. Since 2005 I grow only those varieties that will be new to all or most rather than listing varieties already listed, b/c I can grow far fewer varieties now than I used to b'c of this walker and someone else doing all my growing for me, and that includes my faves, which are fragrant perennials. The summer of 2004 is the last time I grew hundreds of varieties.

No single variety is ever going to meet the expectations of all individuals either due to being grown in a not great summer or b/c if grown twice, which I always did if a variety came to me highly recommended, or b'c the taste doesn't suit an individual person, so my mantra was and is to always just keep on growing different varieties, which I still do even though someone else has to do all my gardening for me now b/c of my being in this walker b'c of a fall back in Dec of 2004.

And almost every year I have to readjust my so called faves b'c I don't think a year has ever gone by that I didn't find some great new ones. And it's another reason I don't list my faves, b'c they are the faves of the moment if you catch my drift.

Another thing to remember is that the varieties I chose for the book were made in the Spring of 1998 when I'd grown around 1200 varieties and the total to date is about 2500 varieties so there are many many varieties that I would select these days that I hadn't grown back then.

Folks keep asking me if there's another book in the offing but the answer there is no, and most of you know the reasons why.
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