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Hey, Shelley.
I'm about 300 due west of you right on the Crooked Road, US58.

Maters are just coming in.

I'm keeping them picked early. We had a lot of rain last weekend, and though it has dried some, more is on the way.

For me, finally a successful year with eggplant.
So I'm something like 1 for 20.

So what do you do with 4.5 lbs of eggplant?
You make 7 lbs of Caponata

and freeze for January.

Carrots have come up.

I always wait to grow fall carrots.

This is my mater and pepper row.

In the raised beds, I've pulled all my garlic, all my onions (at least 80lbs), pulled the snow pea vines I let go for seed, and re-sowed buckwheat. Also last week transplanted some hot weather lettuce types which are looking surprisingly well. Raspberries are all but gone, blacks did squat, but the reds came in later and we got 10+ gallons.

Just grated and froze 14 cups zucchini.

I'm up for fall brassicas and celery this year. I'm trying to grow transplants under lights

I grow several super hot peppers.

most of which have not started to color.

Melons and gourds are about to set fruit.

I'm trying to avoid cukes.

They seem especially aggressive this year ;-)


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