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Originally Posted by MissS View Post
Well the season is on for you at last. This is what it is all about. I'm so glad that you are finding a few that you like and will be on your grow list again. I too love Black Cherry and GGWT and ISPL.

As for your Mat-Su and Taxi, they have powdery mildew and probably gray mold too. What I do is to use Bill's bleach spray and then follow up the next day with either copper spray or daconil. This is a long thread, but well worth your time spent reading.
Thanks for the bleach spray thread, should be easy to deploy. Would removing the infected leaves delay the spread? Simply wondering as I think at most we have one month left for this season.

How does ISPL taste for you? mine is super acidic, I am unable to discern a complex flavor....
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