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I tried this one year with cut scapes of several varieties, Chesnok, Persian Star did flower and also produced a ton of bulbils and the survival rate was probably not 100% but still I got lots of rounds. I managed to coax a couple of flowers out of Spanish Roja but didn't get good survival of fall planted bulbils, which has turned out to be typical of our location here for SR, so it was not about the 'removal' process. Also removed many bulbils from Leningrad and Music, which didn't produce flowers in any case, and the survival wasn't great for removed bulbils, maybe 30-50%. Porcelains in general may be more of a challenge for getting true seed, cw Purple Stripe or Marbled PS varieties, afaik from what I've read.

I didn't get any true seeds in the end, but it was an interesting process. Took months! I enjoyed the flowers.
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