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Originally Posted by zipcode View Post
It could still be a shallot and not Zebrune even if the shape is like that. Zebrune, after much research I did seems to be 100% onion (not a hybrid as some say).
The fully round shape is given by the fact that they are grown from seed (there is also seed for shallot).
What I find odd is that people say onions don't multiply, and that is the opposite of what I always thought. Missed onions on the field often used to grow fast in the spring and multiply (4-5) and we used them as green onions (in my grandmother's garden). They were from what I remember the red onions, not sure if the white ones did or not.
You are right. Onions do multiply sometimes. For some reason I find that really cool. In fact I've got some leftover 2017 onions in my garden now. I'm hoping I'll get babies.
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