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Dang, had 3 huge paragraphs typed and TV logged me out and lost it all. Quick summary. Taste is about what I said above. Only have 2 plants left. Kept #3 and #5, but will get rid of #5 soon. Things are taking over. Harvest at baseball size or smaller. I had leftover squash for first time yesterday. LTs mixed with my hybrid, but mostly LTs. The squash was "normal" (pan fried with butter, salt, and pepper) the day it was prepared, but super-sweet the next day after microwaved. I'm hoping this will translate into either a great grilled and carmalized squash potentially or a really good winter squash. My #3 makes a baby at almost every node, braches like mad with a baby yellow bb when branch is less than 2". Incredible amount of girls, but not enough male flowers. The weak ones I initially said were my fault. They picked up after I corrected the watering issue. I have 8 or 10 plants in the garden between both of you guys' squash in size. I expect a carpet of LTs with tons of yellow balls everywhere. Seriously, you guys may have planted too close! Best wishes. I'm staying tuned.
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