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Default My Seeds?

Originally Posted by ginger2778 View Post
The seeds look great! Wondering what your thought process is with the perlite and vermiculite. Why each, and in that quantity?
Hi...I recall seeing the mix on Google which I think is a Cornel University one So I got specially grown sterile Sphagnom moss..and mixed it with the vermiculite and perlite....I was confused when the recipe went from parts in volume too additives in teaspoons which did not make sense to me so I hope the very small amount of Miracle Gro does no damage ..I checked the PH and it was 6.5 so thats exactly what i wanted ...I also checked which also had the Cornell recipe ...Do you think its not right?? Its all trial and error with me and I am old so I struggle a lot ....At the moment I am wondering if I could have introduced Mycormax(Mycorrhizae) into my mix instead of later and I have the CX Hydroponic 6 pack of samples that I just have to try at some stage... I have Tasty tom and Sweet scarlet seeds in paper on the heating mat and they could be ready to put in a mix at the weekend...The Tasty Toms being a hybrid could turn out to be anything but I had to try... I do have "mature" Tasty Tom plants on order from a commercial grower who tell me they will be ready in October...
Once my own seeds grow their first true leaves they are going to be put into a growth chamber I have made for the hardening off process ..Its temperature controled with 4 x Red and 2 x Blue LED computer cooling fans blowing air over the seedlings (3 at each end) and 10 x 150cm LED tubes providing light directly above....these are all on the lid of the chamber which is raised and lowered onto the chamber.....The seedlings themselves will be in pots that sit on self watering trays which will be raised up to the lights????instead of the lights being lowered onto the seedlings....Could not risk a mishap with the lid falling onto my plants and safety came first.....Of course I haven't a clue if it will actually work but Yes...I got a real kick out of seeing my seeds with their small root and I am sure there is going to be a lot of surprises later....I really want my young plants to be strong with a thick stem and hopefully lots of flowers after they go through the hardening off process ..and are transplanted out into the greenhouse...When I think back a year when I was really struggling starting building the mark10 greenhouse ...and I now find myself over 3 months ahead of where I was last season I am starting to really enjoy Tomato growing especially as I love everything about my Tasty Toms and not growing numerous varieties which to be honest ..most were disgusting but in saying this it was not a good season so I do not know if it was the weather or what it was...
Maybe if Amazon come to NZ they may invest in getting through the paper work required for the importing of Tomato foods into the country for the home grower..Its so limited over here ...
Again thanks for the comments ..Regards Ron

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