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Worth, I didn't think about it being pipe dope, and .I will ask about that kind of faucet. We already have one of a different kind, but if it won't run the bill up much it might be worth it to get a better quality part. At $75.00 an hour, if he doesn't have it with him, not sure I would want to pay that for him to make a trip to the supply store(unless he has to go anyway).

I feel bad that I tried it, because now the leak must be fixed now, instead of putting it off till we have money set aside for it. I lost my nerve, and if the same person who did the electrical work for the dryer outlet(they put in a 220 breaker, and a 220 outlet, but only ran 1-110 line to it!) did the plumbing work for the spigot, I don't want any part of it, LOL!

Again, thanks so much!

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