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Originally Posted by BigVanVader View Post
I had a good, but not great year. Production was steady for the past 3 months but is rapidly declining. Next year I will not grow any dwarf varieties and will focus more on production. A few standouts have been Spudakee, Limmony, and Granadero.
Same here, Big V. I started harvesting from early May ; that is 3 months.
But I still get plenty to eat, cook with, make sauce, make wine and share. Just today I harvested half bucketful.
Right now Sungold, Esterina, IS PL, Cuostralee, Big Beef, Big Rainbow and my own Brown Heart keep producing. I have zapped a dozen or so varieties along the way.
My second crop , about a dozen, flowering and setting as well. Now we've got August in front of us.
Luckily I have had no serious disease issue but pests ( grass hopper, horn worms, stink bugs,.. ) had been present. But I have managed to deal with it to some extent.

Happy Gardening !
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