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Just as a general business advice, if you don't have the capital to start big, you have to start by asking, how can I get this business going with the least possible cash investment. Or flip the question around, start with the amount you are able to invest, and ask, what can I do with this amount to get the ball rolling. Can I grow the business enough to generate a return that I can invest into the next step.

Just a thought - what about equipment rental. Tractor for example could be rented instead of purchase, for your first proof of concept. The attachment that unrolls the bale of hay - rent? if available. Or make it, if you can. Or design it, and cost it out at the local machine shop - how much to make this for me. Cost it out to see which option is feasible, if any.

I'm not clear about the hand planter issue.. are they saying that you need a big machine to plant hundreds of acres instead? The hand planter gizmo for transplants, if that's what it is, I've seen that in action at one of our local farms. They whack in their transplants with it and it saves a lot of time. But they still are doing their farm by hand. And earning a living. So there is a scale where this simple machine makes it possible to generate a decent amount of revenue - ultimately enough to reinvest in equipment to scale up to the next level.
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