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I want to say thanks to everyone that came and especially to those who helped out and brought tomatoes., Holly, Millard and others and Ican't think of off hand. I wish I could have had more time to talk individually with everyone but when there is about 125 people it is hard to speak to everyone. but I did enjoy talking to those that persisted. There was one guy wearing a tomatopaloza shirt but I never had the chance to speak to please respond so I can know who you are. The ban was great the day was fantastic and the people were ......... Hungry. We went through 40lbs of bacon and ran out. I apologize if you didn't get to make a BLT but my wife did say several people just made a good Tomato sandwhich. Thanks again and anyone else with pictures please post and let me know what you thought. Rodger

PS here is a link to my website look under tomato tasting to see some pictures my nephew took. The website was started back in March but I find it hard to spend much time at the computer with the gardens and my full time job so it is still a work in progress.
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