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Default Been building outdoor Hydro Tables.. Take a peek.

Hi all I just thought I'd share my recent passion.. well past year or two now..

So here where I live in Florida I was having terrible issues with root nematodes, having had some experience in the past with indoor hydroponics I figured I'd try my hand at building some outdoors.. Lil different approach but basically the same technique.

My first try.. built this one with two concrete mixing tubs..

This next one was my first trial with shower pan liner.. It Worked!
Got way more room for root growth and now I can make them whatever size I'd like!

And the third is just a much better made version of the tub liner table. I stained this one as I was making it for a neighbor who loved the idea and just had to have one.. Materials were about $225 in total and about a day and a half of work.. (Think stain dry time.. )

Anyway, I just wanted to share.. They are all basically ebb and flow tables on timers flooding the units for 15-20 mins every 3 hrs.. I have also added bell siphons just to make sure nothing is wet for too long.

The first one with the concrete tubs just floods for 15mins then drains normally.

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