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Default Short and sweet winter project

Working toward a new tomato small enough to grow indoors yet also with a great flavour. There are many micro dwarfs that are fun to grow but not many I have tried that had much to offer in the way of that tangy sweet flavour I personally prefer.
To that end I made several crosses last spring using Andrina, Venus, gold pearl, Aztec crossed to full size OP indeterminate tomato plants that I consider to have great flavour and interesting qualities I would like to see in a small plant. I grew out the original crossed fruit, collected seed and grew out the F1’s over summer.
F2 seed has now been planted and selection has begun for dwarfs as the initial criteria, as expected approximately 25% of the F2 seedlings sown.
4 different crosses are being grown by myself and friend Teresa Smith in NC. Salsa Charley also graciously offered to participate in the F2 growout and is growing out some of the Andrina cross.
As always with F2 and with 4 different crosses in play I would expect a lot if variability which we are seeing already just as very young seedlings
I’ll post photos here once I have made my final selections to grow out and invite Teresa and Charley to do so as well if they wish.
Meantime if interested there is an album called “ The short and sweet micro project” on my northern gardener page
It’s a treat to be growing seedlings here in November.
The goal of this project is an interesting, new and tasty cherry on a small dwarf plant. Suitable to grow indoors or out. Ideally Early as well

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