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Originally Posted by Darren Abbey View Post
The micro-dwarf line I've stabilized out after the initial cross manages to produce much larger fruit than the original TinyTim I started with. The flavor is meh, but it showed me the micro plants could work with genetics for larger fruit. There are probably limits, but that will require further experimentation.
Interesting Darren, how large?
I am not aiming for fruit larger than cherry size but I did use beefsteak parents crossed to the micro in some of them in an effort to bring some flavour into mine. The F1’s all were nondescript large red cherries on non dwarf plants as expected but all of them tasted very good and notably, far better than the micro parent so
I have hope that with a fairly large F2 growout there will be something good to take forward, too early to tell of course at this point. The possibility also exists in my crosses for variety in colour, leaf form and potential for stripes as well so quite a genetic alphabet soup we have going here.
Ideal goal is a fancy striped micro that tastes great.
too much to ask? Who knows, we shall see.
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