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Default Potato Barrel Test.

I would like to ask some of the more adventurous potato growers out there to do something.

I would like them to grow potatoes in a barrel and document the growth of the potato to see if they really do what some on line claim they do.

Here is what I have read.
You can keep piling soil on the vine as it grows and new potatoes will keep forming on the vine.
In time the whole barrel will be full of potatoes from top to bottom.

I have looked on line for pictures of this and have yet to find any real photos of this.

I would like to see proof of the plant putting on new potatoes on the vine as it is covered.

So far all I have found is barrels kicked over and drawings.

A good way to do this would be to get a big trash can and cut the thing down the side so you could split it open and see the growth up and down the vine.

I dont live in potato growing country or I would do it myself.

Any takers?


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