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Originally Posted by FarmerShawn View Post
Thanks for the suggestion, Jeannine. I'm thinking I might use some of those cone-shaped wire tomato cages. Would that work? Or what trellis alternative do you suggest? Just how tall will they get, anyway? I have two sizes of cages.

(I've got several of the tomato cages, but will likely do a Florida Weave for the tomatoes.)

If we're talking about the Zucchetta Rampicante Tromboncino squash, I grew it for 2 years because of its resistance to the squash vine borer. The vines were the most rampant sprawling uncontrollable things ever! I tried to trellis them with a 15' long setup that was 5' high and they completely engulfed it and got away, despite my pruning- the vines easily reached 12-15'. The fruits were curvy even when trellised- got no straight ones. They were very good all the way up to 18" which was the limit I gave them, but I didn't try using them as winter squash because I read that they weren't so good that way. So just be ready- they need a LOT of room!

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