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Woo hoo! I'm finally getting some of my summer veggies. The spring stuff is about done. I have some beets in the fridge and still have green onions in the ground that I just pull as needed. I've picked a lot of pole beans already. Cooked some and froze some. Squash and cucumbers are doing well, despite the bugs. My first cherry tomato is about ready to pick--a Sugar Lump. I have a lot of pimentos on the plants. I'm just waiting for them to turn red. My sweet potato slips arrived in great condition and are just beginning to spread out a bit. All the herbs are plenty big enough to start using. Wish I'd grown some corn but I saw a raccoon by the garden last night, so maybe it's better that I didn't?

It's been a wet spring here. I have some foliage issues on the lower leaves of the tomatoes. A lot of this spring has been quite chilly. I think the heat is here to stay now though.

I'll say this. I am seeing A LOT of bugs this year. I've never had aphids like this on my tomatoes. They're really bad. Japanese beetles on the pole beans but not doing too much damage so far. Squash bugs and cucumber beetles are here, too. Saw a family of assassin bugs in my tomatoes waiting to squash bug eggs to hatch. I just let them take care of it.

I hope to have a productive summer and get some pickles made. Hopefully have enough tomatoes to do some canning and drying.

How's it going for you?
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