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Originally Posted by Medbury Gardens View Post
dice Down the bottom on that plymouthdata page they have down a Robert Charles Edgcumbe (1939 - )the current 8th Earl, i wondered if this could be him, so i Googled that name and yes that our man.

carolyn any idea as to what year that seed was donated to the Doubleday foundation?
I just looked up my original listing for it and it was in the 1997 SSE YEarbook and in that blurb I wrote, as told to me by Ulrike:

.....that it was my (CJM) best in my 1996 trials, that I got the seeds from Ulrike in 1996, who got them from the HDRA and said that the 6th Earl died in the 1960's that the relative to claim the title of Earl was a sheep farmer from NZ who became the 7th Earl and brought the seeds to England.

I don't know how long Ulrike had the seeds before she sent them to me, although knowing her it couldn't have been more than the time it took her to grow it out and save seeds, and I don't know how long the HDRA had them before they listed them, and again, knowing Ulrike, she would have pounced on anything new and interesting to her ASAP that HDRA was listing.

The HDRA back then was somewhat the same as our SSE and folks were asked to grow out varieties and return some to HDRA as well as sharing them with others.

I've lost touch with Ulrike but we exchanged many varieties. She spoke French fluently so would get seeds from St Marthe as well as whatever the current Kokopelli was named then, which was different from Kokopelli, and then split the seeds and cost with me.

As Dice has pointed out, their focus is quite different these days and I knew that a from a few years ago when I went to the site to see what was happening.
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