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Seems to be lots of replacements for oats. Quinoa flake, almond
or chickpea flour. Must be over 2,000 responses at the end where
others have posted successful replacements. Rice flour?

I have trays rolled out resting today that I'll bake tonight.
Should have toasted the pepitas even though they toast while
cooking...I like them a bit more than how they came out. Then
chop a bit. Pecans chopped to a course meal....?...rather than
a flour.

It is the phylum and the chia that is the crispy glue that holds
them together so many things will work me thinks.

She has some great recipes. The chocolate granola! and other
replacement for that awful goop 'oatmeal' I can't swallow.

What about buckwheat groats. Not a wheat at all. It is a fruit
seed similar to rhubarb or sorrel.
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