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Originally Posted by Cole_Robbie View Post
This thread is making me jealous. I am going to go sow some Aztek. I'm thinking at my market in April, I could get a premium price for nearly-mature plants in 2 gallon pots, $15 or so. At that time of year, the farm store across the street charges $19 for a Big Boy in a 2-gallon pot that is barely blooming...and has been treated with a growth regulator.
I don’t sell plants so it isn’t my area of expertise. However, your question started the wheels spinning. Why wouldn’t there be a market for these micros in pots in full bloom and with some fruits ready to ripen when you sell your normal starts? The ones in the photo below is in a one-gallon pots.

I don’t know if they could be transplanted at that stage, but these could certainly be finished out in the pots. Your customers could enjoy ripe home-grown fruit while they are planting and watching their garden start to grow.

If I can get some of these crosses I have stabilized, I’ll have many different colors and striped varieties that can be fully grown in one-gallon (or smaller) pots. If you have a place to grow some now, I’d be happy to send you seed from some of F3s I really liked to play with - red, pink, yellow or black. That's all I have now, and they are not stable yet.

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