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Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
The place I used to live had a good thick layer of sandy loam on top of a very thick layer of grey potters clay.
I never had to water during a normal year way up until June and them very little.
Sandy loam is very good at keeping moisture from evaporating and clay is very good at holding moisture if it has that layer of sand or sandy loam on top.
then I am thinking this is pretty much out for me. I have sand and shale, and rocks and boulders on occasion, but not clay. that was what I was wanting to know... where and how is it done. thanks Worth. I guess that means all of our farm fields are dry farmed. what grows grows and what dies from lack of moisture is beyond dryfarming. give me two miles and there is never a need of water. it is a swamp down there. back in the 1800's they lost a few trains in a derailment.... never to be recovered.
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