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I have plenty if you want to try what I like. Not guaranteed true but it is what I'm planting again next year.

For poles this year I made both 4 pole teepee type, helped by some trellis netting, and at home for seed saving purposes I did 4 single poles with three seeds each. Some were bamboo, all were pushing 9 foot and I had to prop them back up after heavy winds when they put beans on up top. I figured that would happen.

Big learning point was, they can't climb the smooth single pole bamboo well. Less well even then I hoped. Some got up and slid back down later under their own weight. So, if you want to use bamboo, you have to put some "climbing sticks" on as well. I used 1/4" x 2ft waterspouts off the pear tree, and tied them to the poles so as the bean stalk twists around it can grab something grippy once per rotation.
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