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Originally Posted by rhines81 View Post
Not fool-proof, but I try to only buy from reputable companies who promote isolation - but yeah, even with those accidents and mix-ups can happen or their suppliers could be unreliable with their operations as well. Not trying to offend any group, but people do not realize the potential damage done with cross-pollination and trading when they don't isolate and then trade/swap with others.
I agree there is a lot of crossed seed getting sold and traded, often with people not knowing what they got was crossed to begin with. Even reputable seed suppliers often don't grow all their own seed, so I've gotten seed I later realized wasn't true from a few sellers I generally trust. I bough Chervena Chuschka seeds from a seller I bought them from 4 years ago and the peppers are definitely not the same as what I originally grew and loved 4 years back. It was a good reminder to isolate and save my own seed for the plants I like.
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