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Alma does take a long time to ripen; but given that, it is highly productive. The ripe dry peppers grind to a deep red, sweet paprika. Feher Ozon has a different shape, but its habit, productivity, and DTM are similar. I have grown both here, ripening can be hit or miss if it is a cool/cloudy year, or if a wet Spring delays planting.

My favorite for paprika though is Pelso. It too is a "white" pepper, similar in appearance to Feher Ozon, but with a little more heat. I believe it was sent in trade by someone on this forum, years back. The original packaging said it was from Amishland Seeds, who sadly went out of business this year.

BTW, I grow quite a few of the "white" Hungarian peppers, including Taltos and Bacskia this year. The common feature of the "white" peppers (cream or yellow immature color) seems to be uniformly high productivity. Even here, they seem to benefit from a little shade (although it does lengthen the DTM). In your climate, provided you can find a place with full sun, they may benefit from a light shade cloth.

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