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Yah, I thought it was a more known variety myself. I just looked on the SSE yearbook site and on Tataniana's and Kang Bing isn't listed on either.

If I'm not mixing it up with something else, Kang Bing is a productive 2 bite yellow
cherry. Roughly ping pong ball size.

I got it in a trade (maybe 2 trades) last year after I mentioned I wanted more cherries or small fruited varieties that I could take to my farmers markets. i'm not allowed to sample anything I have to cut at my market so that eliminates all the big varieties. But I can give a sample of a whole small variety no problem. So during the summer I take lots of the great tasting cherries and smaller varieties and let people taste whatever they want.

I'm pretty sure Kang Bing is 1 of the new varieties we had last year.

Others that I can remember off hand --

Porter Dark Cherry is a nice pink
Silke is a productive red cherry
Fox Cherry is a nice red cherry
Sara's Galapagos large -- not the small red currant it should be, obviously crossed, so I added "large" to the name
AAA Sweet Solano and Sweet Carneros Pink are 2 new cherry or slightly larger varieties from WBF
Brandywine Cherry flattened mini beef oversized cherry, odd flavor
Egg Yolk, similar to Kang Bing but a darker yellow if I'm remembering correctly. Maybe just a bit bigger too

Many more I'm spacing on now. Oh yah, Dr Carolyn and Green Doctors Frosted and Yellow Submarine. But I know there are more too.

I will be the Cherry Queen at the market this summer. LOL

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