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Carol, Adam has Kang Bing listed for 2011 and it isn't a cherry, but you were close . A Google search brought up some other descriptions of it as well.

About poor Sara.

If what you have is a cross and thus doesn't represent the variety do you still feel comfotable listing it as Sara's Galapagos and just addding the word "large" to it?

In a way I feel like a momma to that variety b'c when Amy Goldman brought it back from the Galapagos she sent me the fruits and I took the seeds right out of those ripe fruits, sowed them and had a good yield that very first year and SSE listed it that Fall.

Since I'd asked her to bring me back the salt tolerant L. cheesmanni, which is yellow, I wondered what I had, which was red, so I called Dr. Chatelet at the Rick Center at UC Davis and since I knew the island it came from he was able to tell me that it was probably a stable interspecies cross between a currant and something else, but not a true currant. Some researchers from Britain were also doing DNA analysis on specimens from the same island and Dr. Chatelet knew about that data as well.

Anyway, I do look out for Sara b'c I've been with her from the beginning and have been offering seed for it in my seed offers for many years, including this year, b'c I've grown it many times, but if what you have isn't what Sara is supposed to be I wonder if you should be using the variety name Sara's Galapagos to describe what it isn't.
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