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Carol, I just checked Tania's site and she says nothing about Sara not being sara but also says she's sold out for 2011 and I wonder if she did that b'c he just wasn't sure it was Sara. I couldn't tell about the fruit size b'c I had nothing to compare it with.

So you both got your seeds from the person in MI.

Tania has sent me a list of older varieties that she would like me to send her b'c she doesn't feel they are correct for the variety and I'll try to do that but not until I'm through packing seeds for this seed offer.

Sara was not on that list.

So perhaps you and Tania might want to discuss the wrong Sara's that you say both of you have. She describes my info from Dr. Chatelet and Sara is not a true currant but is currant sized. It's the best wee fruited red one I've ever grown.

And I'll look for your SASE and note that my Sara seeds are 2006 so might need a little tweaking with soaking and double sowing but I'll include plenty of seed.

And you've just remoinded me that soon I have to put a notice somewhere that I can't accept requests mailed after a certain date. I have less than 25 to still do and expect to have all of them done and mailed by Monday, which has been my goal all along.

I put away certain of my seeds after the seed offer is over and I'm not in a position to keep those out forever, especially since I have to convert to SSE listed varieties.

Sandhill should also have the correct Sara b'c I think I sent it to Glenn, or possibly Amy did, who got her seeds initially from me. When you e-mail Tania you might want to ask her if she wants me to send her some Sara seeds along with her requests from the seed offer, so if you could do that in the next day or two or three and either have her or you get back to me that would be great.

My own strong feeling, as I'm sure you've read, is that if a variety is wrong it shouldn't be listed for sale.
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