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I grew several different "strains" (?) of them last year for the first time and started them way early because of what others said about the slow growing, etc. They were easy, grew more quickly than I expected so had to be potted up twice (to 6" containers) before planting out in the ground in mid-May after there was no chance of frost in the 10-day forecast. No problems growing them- planted them on 18" square pattern as they really spread. They grow low and wide (30"?) and the fruits will fall off when ripe- and some before ripe. When you go to harvest the ripe ones, it's impossible not to knock off the ones not so ripe. They attracted chipmunks who loved them and hid in the foliage to eat them. Turns out that when I ate more than a couple, the musky sort of undertones started to gross me out, so that was the end of that experiment for me. Lots of people love them, though, so I hope you are one of them.
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