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The way I read the story, Gary Haley got seeds for an orange tomato without a name, and after growing it for a few seasons, he gave it the name Amana Orange both for his love of his job with the Amana Corp., and his fondness of the Amana Colonies out in Amana, Iowa. This is supposedly sourced from first hand information:

Unfortunately, Tatiana's TB only mentions the Amana Corp., while Baker Creek mentions only Amana, Iowa; and Seed Savers Exchange only cites Amana Colonies as the namesake. Often it happens that the "real story" of a tomato is sorely incomplete regardless of the assumed veracity of the source.

As a side note, who knows what the alternate or former names of Amana Orange may be since it's "originator" acquired and grew out the seeds without the original variety's name.

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