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<i>As far as the Yellow Brandywine goes, if it wasn't the Platfoot strain, get some seeds of that and try it again.</i>


Thank you for the response. You convinced me to look for the Platfoot Strain of Yellow Brandy Wine, I guess for 2015 as it is getting late in the year. I note Tatiana’s list is in her shop, so hopefully it will be there next year : ) All these strains are obviously important, in order to get the right flavor. Thank you for all the helpful information and conversation – makes the forum feel like home.

If you think tomatoes are fun, apples are also a blast. So many flavors, textures etc. Nice thing in many areas you can grow them on P22 or M27 and they only take up as much room as a determinant tomato plant. And you only have to plant them once : ) You can grow some mighty fine apples up where you are at.

Doug asks:

<i>Where in the US are you located FluffyBunny. It makes a difference when trying to transfer variety comparisons from one area to the next </i>

IL about 45 miles due west of Chicago, so zone 4b/5a.

Travis notes:

<i>As a side note, who knows what the alternate or former names of Amana Orange may be since it's "originator" acquired and grew out the seeds without the original variety's name.</i>

Yeah, it puzzles me. There is a mystique around some plants. Some men fantasize about buxom 20 somethings and I find myself daydreaming about apples, tomatoes, and pears. There is no accounting for taste so it seems : )
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