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As long as a potato sprout/shoot has some roots...separate it for an individual transplanting. Once the transplant is growing, two , three weeks later...take to the field.

The idea of course, is to get quite a few roots to support the transplanting shock. I find the shoot takes off better if there is a fair amount of green leaves to balance the new growth.

BTW, seems to show some very familiar TPS lines. I am finding more and more photos on the web since I have been foisting TPS to anyone who wants to try growing potatoes from the true seed.

I rather like the tandem approach that is so apropos on this TVille topic......growing potatoes from TPS and multiplying potatoes rapidly by sprout pulls. I would love to see folks finding a 'One in a million' potato hill from TPS and reproducing it 100 fold the next season by sprout pulls.

Tom Wagner

I encourage folks to try TPS and it is not too late for this season to get some seed and try it clear into late summer. I may list several hundred new TPS lines on my TPS site yet this Spring or Summer to promote more diversity of potato varieties...

Tom Wagner
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