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Here are a couple of pics of the plants in the greenhouse.
Rodney TerracottaEast had a nicely balanced shape in spite of the overcrowding. It is near the S glass. Small pot 5 gal? Estimated yield for Rodneys in 5 gal pots about 2 kilos each.
Rodney Whitepot and Rodney Greypot3P5 to the right of it, showing the difference in fruit shapes from a distance. The two Sundog plants are in the green tub on the right - not really visible. It is really hard to take a picture of plants in the greenhouse because just too small and crowded. I need to farm out some growouts because crowding is not the solution in this semi-underground greenhouse.
Third pic is of another two Rodneys in a large green tub. Yield was quite a bit higher with the extra soil volume, but they were also more crowded and shaded as a result. Just about the entire crop from these two plants went to a friend's chickens, because of the amount of potassium defects on the fruit - uneven blotchy ripening.
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