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Same growing mix, same containers, same watering and fertilizer regimen. The only difference was that they got more sun this year. Last year they were in shade until noon when the sun swung around enough to light 'em up for the rest of the day.

This year they're on the other side of the garden with some tomatoes in all day full sun. And they're sitting on pallets this year, not sitting on the ground. I can't grow tomatoes in the ground in the garden due to wilt in the soil, thus the containers. Perhaps the wilt entered last year's plants through the drain holes? I have no idea if that's possible but onto pallets they went!

I found a salsa verde recipe last night online. They all seem pretty much the same except that some roast the veggies and some don't. There are other kitchen projects lined up for today (zucchini bread, english muffin bread and putting up some pickled jalapeno slices) so the salsa will most likely happen tomorrow.
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