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Default Can you repot and harden off at the same time?

We seem to having a difficult spring in Ohio -- windy days, temperature changes -- I am midway through hardening off, but last night was about 44 degrees and today will top out at 65. I put the plants out this morning when it was in the 50's and rethought it and brought them back in. It's almost noon and still 56 degrees.

I do have some leaves curling and looking unhappy, had them out for a lot of the day yesterday but it was very breezy. I did try to shelter them some, so maybe a bit too much sun or wind or temps. Yesterday's high was 70.

Next week is a week of thunderstorms, the folks I will giving plants to may or may not be able to shelter them, so I'm thinking about repotting some if they are getting rootbound -- but, can I continue to harden off if I do repot them?

Thanks and sorry for so many questions this year -- hopefully it will help other newbies!

Jan H.

* I almost removed this post thinking it was a foolish question -- if you're hardening off the plants, you will be transplanting -- but, I'll leave it here. If conditions during hardening off interrupt the process or planting in garden has to be delayed. . .perhaps repotting and continuing the hardening off process as possible, isn't such a bad question. . .

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