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Snow again tonight but it will be time soon.

I've set a tray by a cold window since I read this a few years ago. I re-read this every year at least twice to the point where I confuse myself! To be sure I miss or forget something, or just need to speed up as the weather has been crazy.

Seedlings are germinated with bottom heat and artificial light until the first few seedlings in the tray appear and then the tray is removed from the supplemental heat source but are still subject to (16?) hours of artificial and/or windowsill light.. someone said 5 hours artificial is sufficient even on cloudy days.

When the first true leaves appear tray is moved to a cool area for cold treatment for desired period.

This is where I get confused. I normally start fertilizing shortly after the first true leaves develop. Should fertilizing be delayed until the cold treatment period is concluded and trays are moved to a slightly warmer area?

- Lisa
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