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Default PH's Day Neutral Strawberry Trial

So I am trying day neutral strawberries on a small commercial scale this year.
Trying San Andreas and Albion
2 rows os SA per bed that are 1' apart in row.
3 rows Albion 1' also.
Each bed is 200' long and cover with 3 mil poly landscape fabric. Two rows up drip tape under the fabric in each bed.
I will be building 2 low tunnels over half of the area to keep rain off the fruit, preventing loss from soft rot. I got a grant from NRCS for these. If things go well and I plant again next year, I will apply for two more to cover all my production area.

Bed 1 and 2 were planted April 1.
Bed 3 and 4 were planted April 22.


strawberry 41417a.JPG

strawberry 41417b.JPG


strawberry bed3 5-1.JPG

strawberry bed1 5-1.JPG






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