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I like the looks of that system a lot. It's got all the elements, ease of setup and takedown. Plants are far along in the season and don't look a mess, so it looks like it keeps them trained, and it is cheap (if one has a bamboo source). And it looks like you have to do minimal tying.

A lot of systems I see can't really be scaled up affordably. Even cattle panels aren't cheap but I've already got them. So I'm gonna stay on that path this year I guess.

I got to thinking cinder blocks may be the key for me. I'll have to check how much those cost now. If I set two to three cinder blocks on the ground, per panel. Then set the bottom of the panel on top of those. Then lean the panels back at a 45 degree angle with the top being caught by T post, 4 ft (width of panel) behind the blocks, I might have to clamp something on top of the post to provide more surface area for the panel to attach to it. But once setup one I imagine it would be a system of extremely low maintenance and gravity would do most of the work. It sounds good on paper anyway. I'm gonna be messing with it today.
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