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Default The History of CHOPTAG

CHOPTAG (Cincinnati Heirloom Open Pollinated Tomato Associate Growers) started in the summer of 2002. Earl Cadenhead and I were both posting at another tomato growing forum at the time. He posted a thread suggesting some of the folks in Southwest Ohio (greater Cincinnati area) should get together and share our harvest. Well, one thing lead to another and we reserved a shelter at a local park.

That first year we had 7 tomato enthusiasts show up. In addition to myself, Earl, Gary, Mark, Ray, Ken and Bill (not sure what happened to Bill) plus some wives and children who tolerated our foolishness were present. Since that first Taste Fest we have held a plant swap each spring and a Taste Fest at the end of each growing season. We’ve also had a couple of seed swaps during the winter just so we could get together and talk tomatoes.

We’ve grown a little since that first get-together. Each meeting seems to bring out one or two more folks. Not everyone comes back to every gathering but we certainly have a good following now.

We always have a good variety of food at our Fests. Sometimes so much food that the tomatoes don’t get their just dues.

Speaking of dues, there are none. Membership in CHOPTAG requires only a desire to grow tomatoes. As our name implies we grow primarily Heirloom and Open-Pollinated varieties but even hybrid growers are welcome. Actually, you don’t even have to grow tomatoes to join our club. Just have a love for them and you’re in. Be careful though. Come to one of our gatherings and you’ll get hooked.

Yours in tomatoes,

Jerry - President CHOPTAG
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