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Default Long Storage Life Tomatoes

This subject comes up from time-to-time. It's one that I am very interested in. I'm writing this on August 4 because on July 3, I picked some tomatoes. Every year, I do storage life experiments. There are right ways of storing them and wrong ways, but I think about how everyday non-gardener Jane/Joe might store them.

There is the refrigerator thought. I don't know if any of you buy the little tubs of cherry tomatoes, but it says right on the package "Do Not Refrigerate". The same tomatoes are sold in little tubs with the tomatoes stacked on top of each other. So, I'm guessing that people might be storing their tomatoes that way on a countertop. So why not mimic that even though I know better.

Well, I did just that.

Cupid F1
Indigo Ruby

Those hold up just fine. Today, I ate a plate of the ones I collected a month ago, and they taste just as good as if they were just picked.

I'm hoping you all add to this list.

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