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Well, many hybrids have quite good shelf life. Tastyno F1 (a very sweet cherry, somewhat crunchy) had really good life, like 3 month easy in the summer on the shelf.

The problem is not to expect good taste for fresh eating all this time, anything over one week of top taste is extraordinary.

This year I'm trialing various spanish tomatoes with long shelf life, it seems odd they haven't gotten more attention. Some have incredible vigour, and are also multiflora, so perfect for one stem growing. Very thick skin unfortunately is to be expected, the way they use these traditionally is to rub it on bread, and discard the rest, so the thick skin isn't really a problem for them.
Bombeta and Pequenito, one can see some pictures around the forum, seem similar in pictures of the fruit, but are quite different in leaf, and also Bombeta is a lot less shelf-lify, it manages to ripen in like a week, Pequenito is still not ripe after about 3 weeks from blush. Pequenito is also larger (about 1 oz) and also has a very pronounced pointy end.
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