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You guys need to follow the directions with these products or you are going to have issues. For mature plants you use 8 oz of 4-18-38, as well as 8 oz of Calcium Nitrate, you will also add 4-5 ounces of Magnesium Sulfate. (for 100 gallons)
These numbers they give are just not guessed, but are based off of leaf samples, so follow the directions to start with. You may have to adjust, I need a touch more MgSO4. These numbers are also for Coco, Promix, etc, you will use less if you try to use this in soil. That could get tricky without knowing what your media consists of. I have used it at half strength with good results in my garden.

These numbers represent the Masterblend directions and Hydrogardens Tomato Formula. Same stuff.

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