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Fantastic results, Dan. What size grow bags did you use?

I used Masterblend for the first time this year, toward the end of the season. Wonderful stuff. Most things only got one dose, but still took off!

I used it on some tomatoes in the ground and got 6-8 extra tomatoes each within a month when I thought the plants were sickly and done (Lillian's Yellow, Aunt Gertie's Gold, Big Beef)!

I had a Chef's Choice Orange in a big tub - maybe 20-25 gallons - I just picked at least 20 good size half-ripe tomatoes off it ahead of the frost we had the other night. It's still making flowers. My Jaune Flamme in a 10-gallon fabric pot just kept pumping out orange beauties until the frost too. I'm sure I got a couple more tomatoes each at least from my plants in 5 gallon fabric pots too.

My beets loved it, and I got tons more beans in the late season.

Next year, I'm adding the Masterblend way earlier in the season. That stuff was magic.
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