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Evidence if you like. Talk is meaningless. I photograph and use the visual evidence to support my conclusions. 23 July 2016 Garlic Bulb
One garlic bulb was harvested to ascertain if it meets my criteria for harvesting the bed. Criteria is the bulb sheath should be open such that most of the cloves are visible. This is contrary to convention where the bulbs are pulled when the tops die down about one third and the sheath is closed. The theory being that the bulbs store better. I have found the bulbs are substantially larger if allowed to split the sheath and storage time is essentially same with a closed or open sheath. The bulb weighed 151 grams and each clove was 39,31,37,25,32, and 43 grams. The was the undried or not cured weight. Quality hard neck garlic does not vary much in size. My bed will remain as is for about another two weeks before commencing harvest.
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