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Originally Posted by riceke View Post
What is the secret for growing cilantro in a mild climate? I've tried for 3 years and all I get is a single skinney stem that bolts at the first sight of heat. Someone told me that this plants habitat is in the mountains in Mexico where it has cool nights and days. Am I trying to fight it's natural environment here in the Atlanta area?
Have you tried just growing a patch of it by sowing seeds about an inch apart in all directions and not thinning? This works for me. I don't live in a particularly mild climate but I just sowed a bunch of it in a raised bed about 2 weeks ago and it came up fine and is growing nicely in the crazy hot, wet, humid stretch we've been experiencing. It bolts quickly so you need to keep sowing a new patch every few weeks. Calypso doesn't bolt nearly as fast as regular cilantro.

My brother lived in NJ his whole life before moving a bit east of Atlanta about 10 years ago and he swears that it isn't that much more hot or humid there than in Jersey but that it just lasts a few months longer!


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